Exploring the connection between body and food!


We see many Fitness centres opening up each day, lots of them provide Protein Dynamix Discount Codes centres opening up each day. And the reason, there are lot many people who want to ‘shed’ that extra kilos and become healthy. Can you with all proof say that a person with the right weight is healthy and fit? Definitely no! That can’t be proved. But a healthy person will be fit enough to do his works. There is a wrong myth, misconception among people between losing weight and getting healthy. They are two different terms, losing weight is just a number problem and that doesn’t guarantee you a healthy body unless you change your lifestyle. Please wake up and stay awakened about your body and listen up.


What is wrong with losing weight using ‘diet’ courses?


Yes, that’s what many of us need to know. Basically a certain type of diet, at least the ones existing today is designed in such a way that you get to omit certain foods under the label ‘bad foods’. But, honestly, there isn’t anything as such, bad food and good food! Every fruit, vegetable and every type of grain has their own composition of nutrients that are good to our body. When we omit them, we lack of those nutrients. For example, in a diet, you are asked to eat only 2 types of fruits whole day, then what happens to your body with the rest of nutrients? How do you cope with the loss?


Over a period of time, your body will lack in those nutrients and certainly develop deficiencies and also forget them. Then later when you add them back to your diet, it becomes too difficult for your tummy to start digesting them. Once you stop that particular diet, all your lost weight bounces back in double and your body doesn’t identify many food categories. Why do you abuse your body, though unknowingly? Instead, love it and treat it with respect, give them time to gradually lose those pounds, in a healthier way.


How to get that healthy body? What works really best?


Well, many of us have this question, which foods are super foods in controlling our obesity and giving our health and soul back. We have seen that obese people have emotional problems and also go to depression due to it. Such people look out for solutions in any form and that’s how they get trapped. Let’s see what should one do to achieve a healthy and fit body, what really works, for all?




This is the most underestimated part of our lives. We choose foods based on our likings, not on their health facts. It’s high time we stop doing that. And we are very easily attracted to easy and instant foods. Do you know what goes into those? They contain lots of oil and other ingriendents which are really hard for a human digestive system. As an adage, “excessive food at the wrong time is a poison”! It’s important to set timings for our daily meals. So eat right at the right time. Having said that, we know there can’t be days as we hope, sometimes excuses do happen. It’s completely okay to cheat and indulge in everything right from junk to healthy foods. The mantra for a healthier body using food is: MODERATION. Eat everything in moderation, followed by timing. Any food that is naturally grown can be consumed without any worries. Avoiding packaged foods on a regular basis will help you in a long way.




This is an underutilised part in our lives. According to researches and health experts, our health is determined as 70% from food and 30% of exercise, each day. But do all of us give our body the exercise it needs? Not really! Just a walk or jog each day, for bare 15 mins will surely help you achieve healthier body in the long time. If you can opt, can spare some time for your own goodness, do try out Yoga or gym workouts. Yoga helps you transform both internally and externally. It has to be noted that doing yoga for weight-loss takes longer time than any other workout, but surely happens. Gym workouts give you results little early. Whatever it is, keep your butt and body moving! That’s the motto!




This is something we all lack in. we start up new things, like prepare diet charts of our own or even getting it from any dieticians, finally we don’t keep up. We stop after few days, or after the desired results are achieved. No! Don’t do that. Continue them as you did before, but only difference is that you can have more cheat days and you can now switch to maintenance mode. Don’t we take care of our bikes and cars well? Do we throw them as we wish after a trip? Definitely not! The reason is they are costly. The same applies to our body; we should maintain them to get results that we wish to see. As they say, ‘A healthy mind lies in a healthy body’, stay healthy and fit.


The mantra for a healthier body using food is: MODERATION. Eat everything in moderation, followed by timing. Any food that is naturally grown can be consumed without any worries.